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ised have been rounded up and routed into camps. For them a drear fate awaits. This is not the first time that fear has spread over the world for the Muslim community. Some of our neighbours are doing the same today. They are doing the same to the Jews in Hitler's Germany. They are doing the same to the Rohingyas in Burma. And today, they are doing the same to the Yazidi community. I warn all of you to be vigilant and to bear witness to these atrocities. We must unite against these injustices. We must remember that Allah has not created a single human being and has not given any religion authority to decide on the lives and destinies of the people, because all of these are Allah's responsibility. The leaders of all of these religions are warring against each other. They are fighting wars. They are sacrificing the lives of their own citizens. They should know that they cannot decide on the lives and the destiny of others. The Christians of Indonesia should see how the Muslim faith also teaches its followers to think of others. The followers of the Muslim faith are the second largest religious community in the world. The world's second-largest Muslim community. But the real truth is that the follower of the Muslim faith do not care for others, do not help others, do not mind others, do not think of others. No, they think of themselves only. They have been round up and kept in camps. Our Christians neighbours need to learn from this. They need to understand that in the days of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) they used to be called pagans. They said that we must not preach Islam to them. Now, with the help of Western civilisation, they have adopted the Christian faith. With the help of Western civilisation, they have become Christians. But still, the majority of Christians around the world do not support the followers of the Muslim faith. This is why, today, they are being persecuted. They are being accused of using the words of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). We have called this Islamic teaching for many years. They have been persecuted for many years. They have been accused of this, as a terrorist organisation, for many years. But we want to tell the West that this Islamic teaching is not a terrorist organisation. This is the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). And the followers of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) have only one God, who is the creator of the heavens and the earth, the source of all rights and




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Anti Deep Freeze All Versionrar vlaspai
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